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Koffie My Darling - Khuboes Venue

Khuboes Venue Hire

Khuboes [Koo-Boos] is located in the Northern Cape Province and is one of several communities in the Richtersveld World Heritage Site. This is where the Nama people lives, the largest group of the Khoikhoi people. The Nama people's hut called Haru Oms in the Nama language, are made of reed mats woven neatly into a beehive shape and is used as a depot to store, as a kitchen, as an additional place to sleep, or even to provide accommodation to tourists. It is a dwelling house for all seasons: it is cool and well ventilated in summer, it is naturally insulated by reed carpets in winter, and protected from the rain by the porous stems which swell with water.

Although our impressive Khuboes Venue at Koffie My Darling is not in the shape of a Nama people’s hut, it features a few characteristics of the Haru Oms and is a venue that respects the Koffie My Darling environment.  

If you are looking for a small venue that stands out from the rest, the Khuboes Venue will suit you down to the ground. From special occasion parties to meetings, charity events, book launches and other special events, get in touch with us to find out how we can help you plan something memorable.

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