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Hello...This Is Us

We're big believers in providing hearty meals and a friendly place to eat it at.

Stop by for delicious food served with true and warm South African hospitality.

Koffie My Darling - Inside Seating Area

Indulge in a different type of experience

Koffie My Darling is situated in the heart of the ‘Flower Village’ Darling, providing a warm, inviting and timeless experience. Our independently owned coffee shop is located in a quaint mid-19th century house, with a vintage South African farmhouse feel and homely atmosphere, with seating both inside and outside. We serve mouth-watering breakfasts, light lunches, delicious sweet treats, and firm favourites for kids, all prepared with fresh ingredients in our kitchen. An absolute must when you visit is our ‘Spoorweg Koffie’, a combination of Moerkoffie & Condensed Milk. Browse the shop for creative treasures and antiques or purchase easy-to-grow succulents from our rustic nursery.  

Real Food. No Secret Ingredients.

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